Monday, August 2, 2010

Tenth Anniversary: Just About Dolls Club Birthday Party Gifts

I've been in the land of dolly overload this past week and it's been wonderful.  Our doll club passed the tenth year anniversary in June, and this demanded a momentous celebration.  So on Wednesday, our members and a few guests gathered in my home for a special celebration, including a luncheon and a huge doll and doll accessory give-a-way.  It was a great big happy-birthday-to-us, including a birthday cake with ten candles. 

One of the give-a-way choices: Amanda, a bisque doll  (c. 1988 - 1990) designed by Yolanda Bello and made by the Edwin Knowles company and sold by Ashton Drake.  Amanda is missing her small red blanket and alphabet blocks, and came to us in need of basic cleanup.  (Click on the photo for a larger image.)  Her garments were washed and pressed, elastic replaced in her underpants, and the bisque was cleaned.  Amanda is one of the dolls in the "Picture Perfect Babies" series designed by Yolanda Bello, and many of the babies in this series are quite popular with collectors of modern porcelain dolls.  If you like them, you can find them for sale on eBay, including dolls that have never been displayed.